Our approach

Welcome to our Early Learning Centres. We are part of NT Christian Schools, whose vision is to be Christian communities, learning together to live as God intended and offering hope for the world. We are committed to providing engaging, authentic, and fun learning experiences for your child based on a Christian worldview.


Learning approaches

Our Early Learning Centres are complete with fun and discovery where children can play, learn and laugh! 

We keep the curriculum we take the lead from our children and focus on child and adult-led play and activities. 

We also adopt the Walker Learning Approach (WLA) in our teaching. WLA draws from developmental psychology and neuroscience while acknowledging and respecting that culture, community, and family have a significant impact on a child’s life and learning.

Our approach to early childhood learning is based on the national educational philosophy of Play-Based Learning, as stated in the Early Years Learning Framework.

Science of reading


At Kingdom Kids, our priority is laying the foundations to prepare our children to become curious and courageous learners. One way we are doing this is through instructional literacy based on the science of reading.


We’ve adopted this practice from well-known literacy coach Julie Scali, who has trained and coached our staff. Structured Literacy includes daily storytelling, play-based learning from books, and alphabet numbering and ordering. 


Beautiful spaces

Our learning spaces are designed for challenging play, with managed and controlled risk taking that builds resilience and independence. Children engage ‘hands on’, learning how to explore and care for the world around them. Sustainable practices and an active appreciation of the natural environment are embedded in our program.

Transition - 12 smooth transition into school

Moving into a new environment is a time of change and adaption. Located on three NT Christian Schools’ campuses, our early learning centres facilitate a smooth transition into school where children’s learning and wellbeing can continue to be nurtured and developed. Families who have children that at early learning and school age appreciate the convenience of single site drop offs and collection and the sense of friendship experienced by their early learners as they head off to school with their siblings.

Preschool within long day care

Combining both a preschool and long day care format, our early learning centres are able to care for children and families who have varying childcare needs. Our Early Learning program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, designed with each child’s foundational learning progress in mind. The children begin to know who they are and what they can achieve by being, belonging and becoming the person God created them to be.

Partnering with Families

We value strong and meaningful relationships with our families, striving to create a supportive and inclusive community. We recognise and value that families have a deep understanding of their child’s strengths, interests and challenges. We seek and appreciate family involvement in our programming, communicating openly about their child’s learning.


All three of our Early Learning Centres have a capacity of 44 children per day in 2 rooms and complies with the National Quality Standards.

Meals are not provided at any of our Early Learning Centres. Instead, families pack a healthy lunch box and a piece of fresh or dried fruit for morning tea and a snack for afternoon tea if required.

The Centres adhere to regulated ratios of 1 educator to 11 children. All staff have Nationally Approved Qualifications. At all times there is a staff member present on site who holds current First Aid, Anaphylaxis and Asthma qualifications.

Our staff take part in ongoing professional development, ensuring that our Centres reflect current best practice and up-to-date research.

No. All our NT Christian Schools, including our Early Learning Centres, are inclusive of families from all faiths and no faith. There are many non-Christian students and families within our NT Christian Schools network who are well-loved and play a vital role in our community.

As a Christian education provider, our education and care programmes are Christ-centred.
We do not, however, disparage or disrespect other faiths or worldviews and love and accept all children and their families equally.

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With a commitment to excellence and innovation in early childhood education we provide an inclusive, open ended play based learning environment. Through play young children learn much about social standards, respect, imagination and problem solving – while having fun in a supportive, caring and nurturing environment.