Program Features

Kingdom Kids Early Learning Centre’s program is based on the Walker Learning Approach (WLA) alongside the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). It engages children in exciting, personalised and authentic learning experiences that reflect the particular needs, interests and strengths of the individual child. A robust preschool program embedded throughout the day develops children’s literacy and numeracy skills; problem solving and higher order thinking skills; self-regulation and empathy; strong relationships with developing skills in cooperation; and, a positive and realistic sense of self.

Our beautifully designed learning spaces invite exploration and investigation, where every object is considered for its purpose, is constantly evolving and encourages collaboration, communication and ownership of learning. Our learning spaces are designed for challenging play, with managed and controlled risk taking that builds resilience and independence. Children climb rocks, make mud pies, build rivers as they discover and care for the world around them. Sustainable practices and an active appreciation of the natural environment are embedded in our program.

At Kingdom Kids we want our children to understand that God made everybody equal and that all people must be treated with love, respect and dignity, just as God treats us. In God’s eyes all people matter. We want our children to reflect God’s character of justice, empathy and love as they learn to see the world through another’s eyes. We want them to be a part of a transformation of our community that moves from ignorance and racism to respect, from inequity and prejudice to justice and from inaction and fear to hope.