ELC Philosophy

Biblical Foundations

• The Bible’s truths underpins all that we do and say.
• Children are given the freedom to lead their own learning and develop their own response to who God is in their life.


The Image of the Child

• We are all made in God’s image with unique interests, learning styles, abilities and insights.
• Children in particular have an unhindered ability to perceive God’s love, beauty and presence in their lives through their connection and interactions with nature and others.

An Emergent Learning Process

• Our interactive and play based learning environment is designed to create a sense of awe and wonder of Creation, allowing children to discover, create and grow with limitless learning opportunities.

Teachers as Partners

• We believe in a Christ-centred, child-led educational experience where educators respond to children’s needs, interests and choices with flexibility, openness and mutual discovery.

The Role of Families

• Parents have a strong voice in their children’s learning.
• We seek to teach our children to respect and love all people groups through authentic and respectful cultural experiences.

Being, Belonging and Becoming

• Children find security and identity in BELONGING to God’s family, BEING God’s child and BECOMING the person God has designed them to be.